3M Anti-Tarnish Sterling Silver Jewelry Saver Paper Strips

We are pleased to offer these 3M Anti-Tarnish Jewelry Saver Paper/Strips. These measure 1" x 1" and come packed in a pouch of 5 at the base price of $2.50 (other quantities available via pull-down menu below).


Here are the details of how this product works:

* Special absorbent anti-tarnish paper that will protect metal jewelry and other items from unsightly discoloration and tarnish. The anti-tarnish paper will protect silver, gold and other metals.

* Put the anti-tarnish paper in a well-sealed enclosure with tarnish-free silver or other metal items. The more air-tight the enclosure, the longer the paper will remain effective. The enclosure can be in a drawer, jewelry box, plastic or cloth storage bag, safe deposit box or other container. The paper does not need to touch the metal but to be near it, although the paper will not harm metal it touches.

* Each anti-tarnish paper will protect for approximately six months in a jewelry box, jewelry chest, cabinet or other enclosed area.

* The paper is completely non-toxic and safe. They do not emit anything, and they leave no residue.

* One paper protects one cubic foot of enclosed air space. The anti-tarnish paper measures 1x1 inch and is made by 3M.

 5-PK = $ 2.50        
10-PK = $ 4.75       
25-PK = $ 9.50       
50-PK = $19.99      

3M Anti-Tarnish Sterling Silver Jewelry Saver Paper Strips
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